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The Russian Mule Brewery offers a number of Russian style beers ranging from pilsners to stouts using that highest quality ingredients we can find. And while we do focus on these beers, we understand that craft beer enthusiasts come from many different walks of life and therefore enjoy many different styles of beer. Because it is our goal to leave all of you happy with a quenched thirst, we will also be brewing a wide range of other beers that will both be seasonals and one offs. We are excited to be creative and consistently offer you new and exciting beers to enjoy.

Our History

Here at Russian Mule Brewing Company we are proud to support the Russian heritage of our own Irina Nicoletti. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, she came to the United States with an expectation of quality beers that represent what her earlier years exposed her to in her native homeland. While we intend to continually brew new and exciting beers, you will always be able to find Russian styled beers ranging from Pilsners and Lagers to Imperial Stouts. Good clean water, necessary for all life, is also necessary for good beer. All of our beers will be brewed using some of the worlds most pure and rich water, coming right from the Catskill Mountains.  Read more >

Our Beers

Russian Pilsner

Our Pilsner is as clean as it is crisp. This beer is as easy drinking as they come with subtle toast and nutty notes that are complimented by its smooth finish. 5% abv

Russian Stout

Don’t be scared by this beer that is as black as night. Packed full of flavor, our stout boasts dark chocolate and coffee flavors, with a smooth velvet texture imparted by oats. Despite being bold, it does not sit heavy on the palate making it easy to drink one of many. 6.8% abv

New England IPA

Our New England IPA uses Equinox and El Dorado hops that impart wonderful tropical mellon flavors and aromas. Using only whirlpool and dry hop addition hops, this beer has very little bitterness and is extremely smooth and juicy. 6.8% abv

Russian Mail Order Blonde Ale

Our blonde ale is carried by a strong backbone of rich caramel malt imparting a clean and crisp toast flavor. There is there is just enough crisp hop bitterness allowing this beer to finish clean on your palate, begging you to drink more. 5% abv

Russian Mule Restaurant & Tasting Room

The Russian Mule Restaurant and Tasting Room offers the craft beers brewed at the Russian Mule Brewery. The restaurant is managed by Savannah Mendez, serves a variety of gourmet dishes prepared by Executive Chef William Mendez, formally the Head Chef at the New Age Health Spa. Consistent with the Russian theme of art and beer, the menu also includes Irina’s “Taste of Russia” which has numerous Russian treats such as pelmeni and vareniki. If gourmet burgers, wood-fired flatbread pizza’s are more your style…we have that too!  So enjoy great food and homemade Russian delicacies with freshly brewed craft beer, surrounded by the art of famed artist Alexander Kaletski, including his masterpiece “The Russian Mule.”  So check out our menu, eat, drink and be merry. The ultimate culinary, gustatory and cultural experience!

Tasting Room Hours

Thursday 3pm to 8pm
Friday 3pm to 9pm
Saturday 12pm to 9pm
12pm to 6pm

Kitchen closes 1 hour prior to closing

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